Friday, November 30, 2012

Top 12 of 2012 - Number 8:All Balboa Weekend

Number 8 on the list follows very closely to number 9 because it was another fun event that our pal Craig invited us along to.  The event is called the All Balboa Weekend.  (If you go to the site, Craig did the artwork for it!)  This was a really cool event for a multiple reasons.  First, Denise participated with the Cleveland Dr. Sketchy.  Was great to see her really dive back into drawing and she loved it.  Was also great to watch Craig, Jason and Jen, along with the other artists, quickly sketch the models as they had 15 minutes per model sitting to do so. Also, the clothes.  Everyone was decked out in their best late 30's early 40's ware.  The dancing was intense.  There are people that take swing dancing seriously and it shows.  Was fantastic to witness and photograph.  And finally, the music.  Loved it.
This is something I really hope we have a chance to do again next year.  Really one of my FAVORITE pictures of the entire year, is this first one.  No, not because of the pretty ladies in it. Originally it was in color and was way underexposed.  I did some experimenting and in the end produced this.  For me it looks like this picture could be out of a copy of Life magazine from decades ago.   Just love it.

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