About Me

So who am I?

That's the question I've been asking myself lately.
Who am I?
Well, I know that I am the husband of an incredible women who gives me all the love and support any man could want.  I know that I'm the father to two wonderful children that fill my life with joy.  I also know that I'm the parent to an ornery Beagle that just can't understand he's not allowed under the blankets of the bed anymore at night.  That defines my life.  But for a while, it started to feel that my daily job began to fill in the cracks of everything else that I was besides what I have detailed above.  Granted, I truly do love my job and what I do sitting behind a computer all day.  But, I needed something else to fill in the void for those times that I had.
I remember growing up that at night my Dad would come home from a long day at work, settle into his easy chair with his crossword, smokes and remote.  He wasn't too concerned about the office.  It would still be there in the morning.  And if it wasn't his crossword, it was his drafting board.  He was "classically trained" in mechanical drawing.  No computers.  Ruler, compass, etc.  The tools of the trade.  And he would sit there and design tools.  But it was his release.  Not connected to a laptop, cell phone or a Twitter account.
From an old B&W negitive of mine
Now that my kids are older and self sufficient, I've found my release.  My old passion for photography.  Back in the late 80's, the high school I attended offered classes in photography.  I was hooked.  Even had my own darkroom in my parents basement.  So many hours spent down there.  Now it's the digital age and all that wasted water and nasty chemicals have been replaced by computers.  So now at night instead of coming home and jumping on the laptop for work, it's to try to create images of the world as I see it.
Now, I've grown my love for photography into a business.  Please feel free to visit the Services page for more information on how I can help you capture your memories or tell your story!