Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Century Village Civil War Festival

This past weekend we loaded up the family truckster and headed up to Burton, OH to witness the Century Village Civil War Festival at the Geauga County Historical Society's Century Village.  We stopped by last year after the event had finished and were sad that we missed it.  But this year, we were sure to have it on our schedule.  Another excellent location for living historians to take over for a weekend and tell the story of the life and times during America's Civil War.  One of the things I like to capture when I walk around a reenactment is not just the battle, but how life must have been for not only the solider, but also their families.  This weekend gave me a couple great opportunities to capture that aspect as well.  Another thing that I loved about the weekend was where the event was located.  Century Village is right on the rim of a hillside and provides for an excellent backdrop.  A must see if you are in the Northeast Ohio area.

You can view the entire set of images via the link below:
Century Village Civil War Festival 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cultered like cottage chesse.

This weekends adventures in photography led us to the Cleveland Museum of Art.  My wife and daughter, along with some friends of ours, wanted to go see the Rembrandt exhibit that is currently going on there.  Myself on the other hand didn't feel like spending the cost of admission to see it. 
I admit it.  I'm not that much into art.  But that changed.  One of our friends who is a professor of humanities at a local college, didn't go in to the special exhibit either and offered to take me and my camera on the same tour he gives his students when they travel there.  I was up for it and off we went.  And I am really glad I did.  There are some beautiful works of art at the museum and also some incredible bits of history.  And from our conversations along the way, I learned some things and it gave me a deeper appreciate for what I was looking at.  So, bravo Professor,(soon to be Doctor), Williams.  It was most educational.