Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Tuscarawas County Fair 2013

The one event we try to make it to every year to close out summer is the Tuscarawas County Fair.  My first memories of the fair are shortly after I moved to the county the year before I married my wife.  I  remember that she was really mad at me as we left and I informed her that a "carny" talked me out of about $30 bucks on a game.  Ya...I learned my lesson.  I stay away from the midway games. 
But the fair is always good for reminding us that agriculture is an important part of our society and the food on your plate comes from somewhere.  Aside of the agricultural importance of the fair, the fair is also good for a couple other things.  Fair food and rides.  The smells, (the ones away from the barns), are a wonderful mixture of foods.  All kinds of foods.  Really good and likely very much against your diet foods.   So stop on down to the fair before it closes up this weekend and get yourself an elephant ear.


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