Monday, February 6, 2012

A day at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Sometimes, things never work out the way you planned.  Saturday was one of those days.  But it all worked out good.  Our original plan for was to go to Salt Fork State Park in Ohio to do a little "Bigfoot Hunting" and then continue down to Wheeling, WV.  The forecast called for mostly cloudy skies with just the slightest bit of a chance for rain or snow.  Even Friday evenings weather check on the six o'clock news had that forecast.  When we woke up Saturday, there was already an inch of heavy wet snow on the ground and more to come. So those plans were pretty much over. But watching the morning news from Cleveland, nothing was going on up there. So we debated driving through the crappy weather to go north or just sit home. That's when the weather forecaster came on and said there was another band of heavy snow heading our way. We made a run for it! And we outran it.  And when we got just south of Cleveland, nothing. And I'm glad we made the run. It was a great day with the wife and kids.  Those days are few and far between as the kids get older, but they are always fun.

Moon rock from Apollo 12

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