Friday, December 4, 2020

Been quiet around here lately.....

 Okay.  I admit it.  I'm a bad blogger.

I started several years ago to highlight my work and post/share updates on things I was doing.  I also had a very active blog I kept for the "day job" too.  But with both cases social media took over and the days of the blog seemed to fade away.  But, I still see people are coming to the blog and checking it out, so I figured I would provide an update.

2020.....what a year.

I don't want to make light of it because so many people have been struggling with either themselves or a loved one fighting the pandemic or have lost someone to it or are dealing with all of the stressors surrounding this past year.  Since everything began in March I've taken the stance that I am going to do everything possible to avoid it and follow all the best practices laid out by medical experts.  But in doing so, I had to dial back the photography business.  I hadn't taken any appointments for shoots this year nor have I actively gone after them.  With the pandemic I found it's really difficult to be creative.   Photography has and will continue to be my own personal therapy on many levels, but getting out and not getting around people at times is difficult.  But I did keep creating.

I've continued forward shooting with film.  Also got some new glass for my digital camera.  So having the right equipment to do what I want with it has been a blessing.  But, not being able to share it at art shows or other events has hit the bottom line.  Fortunately, I have a full-time "day job" that provides for me to take care of my family so I am fortunate there.  So, if you are stopping by here to see what's going on, THANK YOU!  I appreciate you looking me up.  I'll try to pay more attention to this site moving forward but I invite you to stop by my Facebook page Andy Donaldson Photography.  There you will always find the latest work and things I'm up to.

I hope you have a fantastic and safe rest of 2020.  Here's to 2021.  We still have a long road ahead, but let's all do what we can to get us there safely.

For now, here's some work I created over the past year.  Enjoy!