Friday, July 5, 2013

A walk around Canton First Friday

We've heard it advertised before but had never decided to check it out until tonight.  And I wish we would have done it sooner.  On the first Friday of every month in the art district of Canton, Ohio, a street fair springs up and invades the downtown area.  It's called Canton First Friday.
Now, I have to be honest.
We've always thought that the downtown area of Canton was pretty much empty.  We were wrong.  The area is full of art galleries, trendy restaurants, coffee shops and bars.  It has a really good buzz to it.  Each months events have a theme and tonight's was based around "chalk art" on the sidewalks.  There were some really great works by kids and adults alike.  Seems like the event is very inclusive of the public and allows them to embrace and express their art.  But the bands and singers throughout the event added a lot to the evenings enjoyment. Another major plus was getting to go into the Palace Theater and listening to the organ that rose up from below the stage.  Really cool "old school" experience.
So, I think this is going to be our monthly "thing" to do every first Friday of the month.  If nothing else to get out of the house, walk round, listen to some live music and just enjoy the city we obviously don't know a whole lot about!


  1. Next time you visit come down to Walnut Street for Ohio Deli, Elemental Arts and Muggswigz for much more!

  2. These photos are excellent! Nice job.