Friday, November 30, 2012

Top 12 of 2012 - Number 10:Dennison Depot

Coming in at number 10 on the countdown is some shots from the day we spent in Dennison at the Soldiers Homecoming Festival from this year.  Now normally they have a nice sized WWII reenactment during the festival.  But for some reason this year they didn't.  Oh well.  The Dennison Depot has great story behind it and has recently been recognized as a national landmark!  So if you are in the area it's really worth a look.  Also while you're down there, across the street from the depot is a GREAT pizza place called Dennison Yard. Tomato Pie with garlic is the stuff of legends!  But that's another story.
But while we were there, I did fire off two images I really liked from this year.  The first was taken in the train yard.  I really like how the lighting looked in this shot.  The rain was on and off all day and the clouds had that late fall darkness about them.  I had to adjust the exposure of the clouds to bring out the details, but I don't think it's cheating that much.
Next was about the closest thing we had to a reenactment. I really like how the lighting and framing of this shot came out.  Don't know why, just stuck with me.

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