Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Evening at The Stew Pot Kitchen

Last night the wife and I headed up to Akron to take part in the Akron Art Walk that is held the first Saturday of every month in the arts district of Akron.  Our good friend Scott owns a restaurant and has been kind enough to host my pictures in the back.  Last night, there was a new twist to the monthly event.  Scott had asked local music artist Rachel Roberts to do an acoustic set for the night.  If you have not heard her, I highly suggest you do.  A fantastic artist!
But as this site is not only a blog to share my images, but also my learning's in the photographic adventures.  I used my camera last night to shoot video of Rachel singing.  Having my camera for over a year now, I've never really gotten around to play with the video recording feature.  I know that many film studios are starting to use these types of cameras for shooting because of their ability to capture at 24fps, (cinema quality), and in high def.  It is a really cool feature, but, I've found that focusing on subject, especially in low light, is tough.  I missed a really good moment last night because I couldn't see that the scene was not focused when I hit record.  Also, if you are heading out to take pictures and you think, "Nah..I don't need my 32 GB card tonight, I can just use the 8 GB." TAKE THE 32 GB card with you.  The video featured below for her song "Rescue You" is cut short due to me running out of space on my SD card.  3/4 of the way through the song, I start seeing a flashing countdown, 10...9..8..7..and finally, CARD FULL.  Okay, live and learn.  Here's some shots from last night as well as one of the videos.

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