Friday, November 30, 2012

Top 12 of 2012 - Number 7:Holland! (Michigan)

Number 7 on the countdown this year again includes friends and also includes the state of my birth, Michigan!  When I was 14, I left Michigan for Ohio and at that point had never been to the west side of the state.  "Up North" was always a destination, but just not the Lake Michigan shoreline.  It wasn't until our friends David and Lee moved to the city of Holland that I had the chance to see for myself just how beautiful and different that side of the state is.  I've been to the Pacific coast before and in my opinion, this is very similar.  The big difference between the two is just how fine the sand is.  Almost like dust it's so fine.  Well, the sand and the saltwater smell.  The sunsets are beautiful in the summer.  Nothing but clear skies all the way to the horizon.  Just love it there.  If we ever were going to move somewhere for a fresh start, that would be the place I think. 

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