Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remembering those that do and did

Today Denise and I went over to Historic Fort Laurens State Memorial to attend a Veterans Day celebration at the site.  If you are not familiar with the site, you should really take some time and read about it on the above link.  It is Ohio's only fort from the Revolutionary War as well as the site of the Tomb of the Unknown Patriot of the American Revolution.  
The ceremony began with the laying of wreaths adorned with the names of the fallen at Fort Laurens as well as wraths with no names for those known only to God. Tuscarawas County Commissioner Chris Abbuhl gave  a speech reminding us that on a day like today, showing up at an event like this is the least we as citizens can do to thank those that currently defend our country as well as those that have in the past.  
For those that have served our country, thank you.

Link to the entire album from today here.

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