Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Ratskeller of The Zoar Hotel

A few months back during one of the festivals in Zoar, I had the chance with my wife to tour the majestic beauty of the Zoar Hotel.  For years I've taken pictures of this grand beauty from the outside and have always wondered what it looked like from the inside.  Well today I got to go further then I had hoped for. I was able to go down the the basement, or ratskeller, of the Zoar Hotel.  It was used as a bar for many years and has sat empty since the property was closed. But this weekend during the annual Christmas in Zoar event, they had the basement open so I jumped on the chance!  It's an amazing space.  Almost completely dark with the exception of light coming in from the small windows, it makes one imagine what it looked like back in it's hay day.  Hopefully those times will come back one day soon.  With Zoar saved and no longer in threat of being torn down, this beautiful old building may have a new lease on life.  Here are some images I took when I was down there today.  Don't let the pictures fool you, it was dark down there.  The majority of the images are at least two minute exposures with the camera mounted on my tripod and using a flashlight to try and fill in some of the really dark areas. 


  1. We used to go here in the 1970s when it was a bar. Believe it or not, they had live entertainment in that small space. I recall the musicians were called "Two's Company" and they played sing-along songs like Rocky Top, college fight songs, and beer drinking songs.

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