Saturday, August 3, 2013

Touring the legend.

For years the Zoar Hotel has played a large part in my photography.  This picture above was chosen by me to be on my business cards.  Built in the 1800's and used to house outside visitors to the community, the hotel is a highly recognizable landmark in town.  For years I've stood outside it, peered into her windows and tried to imagine what it looked like in there.  Today, I got my wish. For about an hour, myself and my wife had full access to the building thanks to the Zoar Community Association.  What's also amazing is that President William McKinley often would stay in this hotel as his favorite retreat.  This building is yet another symbol of the rich history of Zoar and another reason why this village must be saved for future generations.  Hopefully one day they will be able to renovate the interior of this beautiful structure.  But for now, I at least got to see what it looks like today and imagine how it looked for the former President and the multitude of it's guests.

Click here to view all of the images from inside the hotel today.

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