Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Top 12 of 2012 - Number 3:The Number One House in Zoar

Number 3 on the top 12 of 2012 is none other then the crowning jewel of Zoar, The Number One House.  This past August I had to burn a vacation day to run my son down to school to finish up some paper work.  Not taking as long as I thought it would, I had plenty of time to kill for the rest of the rainy Friday.  Being that is was rainy it didn't look like there were too many people touring Zoar.  So I figured I would put my Zoar Community Association membership to some use and go for a walk around the buildings.  Luckily, the Number One house was pretty empty except for another couple and the tour guide who let me have the place to myself to take some pictures.  And it was great!  Usually when I go in the building it's during an event like Christmas in Zoar or Harvest Festival so its packed full of people.  But on this day it was just me and the noises from the outside.  So peaceful in there and I really enjoyed the images I captured that day.

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