Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Top 12 of 2012 - Number 1:Zoar! In the fall!

Okay.  Probably not really a surprise that Zoar is the number 1 spot of my 2012 countdown.
It has been a busy year for me taking pictures and having Zoar be the center of my attention.  Not that I am complaining one bit.  
It started back when the National Trust folks contacted me about using my pictures for their campaign to save Zoar.  I had always enjoyed using Zoar as my muse, but the Trust contacting me was the spark that really put me into overdrive this year.  Not just creatively, but also to learn more about what I'm doing both behind the camera and in front of the computer.  When the fall season hit, I knew it was time to come up with some great images and there was two different shoots that stand out to me.
First was one Saturday morning I awoke before sunrise to find a very thick layer of frost covering the ground and a clear sky as well.  I knew this was a morning I didn't want to pass up.  Watching the sunrise over the Zoar Garden and the day come to life was a beautiful scene. Secondly, I had spent an afternoon prior to that  taking some other shots that I really enjoyed and that captured the fall spirit.  When I shared the pictures with the National Trust team, they wanted to use them for an article featuring my photos and an interview with me about why I do what I do and the beauty of fall in the town.  (click the link to read all about it).  

Like I said when I first blogged about my involvement in this project. "Hopefully 100 years from now an image I took of one of these places will be on someone's wall.  That would be a pretty cool legacy."  
To add to it, if one of my images helps to save the town, that also would be a pretty cool legacy and something to be proud of.

Thanks for following along on my countdown this year.  Looking forward to many more adventures in F/Stops in 2013!

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