Monday, September 3, 2012

Last day of summer with a Tri-Motor

On our way to grocery shop this morning, Denise and I stopped down to Harry Clever airfield in New Philadelphia to see one of the last remaining Ford Tri-Motor airplanes that was on display and also giving rides.  We didn't have it in this weeks budget to take a ride, but, we did have a chance to take a look around it and for me to get some pics.  Even got to duck inside for a minute before they took off.  Really a cool piee of aviation history.  Denise remarked on how the thing could even fly.  When looking at the outer hull, it is no surprise to ask that question with all the ridges in the metal.  It was especially cool, (and lucky they didn't get us to move), to stand behind it as the engines fired up for take off.  Not super loud, but a lot of air moving from the props.  Was a cool way to spend the "last day of the summer".  Labor Day 2012.

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