Tuesday, August 21, 2012

D-Day Conneaut - Part 2 - Lessons learned at the bridge

One thing I did not do ahead of time is get an idea for the layout of how the reenactment runs. At Zoar and Dennison, it's easy. This reenactment was very different. A lot more people brings a lot less opportunity to get in to a position I wanted to to get the best shots possible of the action. For instance, the battle for the bridge. The scenario was that the French Resistance was going to attack a bridge held by German soldiers and after being driven off, US Army Airborne troops would come in a save the day. Great setup for catching action. However, where I was located was too far off to catch any of it. I did snap a few of the Airborne staging their entrance, but that's really about it. Next year, I will be more prepared. On top of that, I didn't realize that the German camps were on the other side of that bridge. Again, something I will have to plan for next year. After the battle, we headed up to the main vendor area to enjoy some lunch and some of the local color and soon after I was off to scout a position for the invasion.

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  1. Andy, the guys in our squad have been talking. With the limited space, number of troops and the volume of spectators, it would almost be better if they had two or three scenarios through the morning involving different units. There were just too many troops in too small of a space.