Monday, August 20, 2012

D-Day Conneaut - Part 1

This past Saturday, my wife and I headed up the road to Conneaut, OH to attend the annual D-Day event.  The reenactment is inspired by the events surrounding the Normandy invasion of 1944.  While just a reenactment, the intensity of the event is like one I've never seen before.  With the use of actual landing craft, men portraying American soliders are brought on-shore to attack the hillside manned with German soldiers.  To add to the chaos going on around you, a B-25 bomber as well as 2 P-51 Mustang replicas, (officially called T-51), are added to the mix doing low flybys and with the help of flash-pots dug into the beach, simulate bombing runs.  But the real awe striking moment of the day was hearing a WWII veteran give his personal accounts of being in France after the invasion.  As my wife put it, he is the true definition of swagger.  He enjoyed being with the men sharing his experiences so that they can add that to their memories and continue his story and the stories of his comrades.  As you could expect, I shot a lot of images there.  Here is the first set of those.


  1. Hello! Looking forward to any pictures you took!

    I you have any Axis camp pictures of 2.SS "Das Reich" we would be glad to host them on our website and give you credit for them!


  2. Also, I'll make sure they get a link put up on the Facebook page of the Event.

  3. Hi Nick,
    I wasn't able to make it over to the Axis camp. Was my first year at the event and had no idea you guys were where you were until after. Please feel free to link to this site if you wish! This will be the central point for where the images can be viewed through. Thanks for stopping by!