Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thanking true heroes

It's been called the greatest generation.  They're probably right.  70 or so years ago, a war began that spread across the globe and eventually drew the United States into it.  When the war started, soldiers and sailors needed to be mobilized quickly and that mobilization continued throughout the war.  Trains were the primary means of transportation.  One stop along the route for these brave individuals was Dennison, OH.  Dennison became known for how it treated these brave people.  It earned the nickname "Dreamsville USA".
Now, every year, the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum hosts an event called "American Soldiers Homecoming Festival".  A way to thank true American hero's, our veterans, both old and new and open people up to an important part of our nations history.
The day starts with a parade.

And is followed up later by living historians, representing American soldiers, German soldiers and even a stray Soviet or two. These individuals, giving of their time and expenses, (bullets, pyrotech, etc),travel to and participate in these events. And maybe remind us all that war is a terrible thing.  To ANYONE that has ever served our country, thank you.

This is just some of the images I captured yesterday.  There are a LOT more pictures left to edit and upload.  Stay turned.

LOTS of images.  Wow.

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