Monday, June 20, 2011

Back from the unknown!

Well, it really hasn't been the unknown.  Just really, really busy.  A few weeks ago, our son Alex graduated high school.  And of course with graduation comes the graduation party.  So for the few months leading up to that, all time and funding went into getting ready for the party.  It was well worth it.  But now with all of that behind us, it's time to get back into my work passion. One of the things I'm using to kick start things back up is a new lens.  For some time I've read in several places about how photographers are rushing back to use just a standard 50mm lens because of it's ability to give beautiful images.  With the re-enactments coming up, (Dennison Depot, Fort Laurens and Zoar), I wanted to get something that would help me get better portrait images of re-enactors.  I think I may have found it.  A Canon EF 50mm 1.8.  Wow.

What do you think?

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