Thursday, February 19, 2015

Throw Back Thursday - The Zoar Hotel

Built in 1833, the Zoar Hotel is likely one of the most recognizable buildings in Zoar. It was always a bit of a mystery to me though.  I had always wondered what it looked like on the inside.  The hotels interior had been closed for many years but during the Zoar Harvest Festival in 2013 I was given the chance to explore the building on my own.  Well, my wife was with me too. It's really an interesting piece of architecture and it was easy to get lost in thought imaging what it looked like in its prime. 
Looking for something to do on a cold winters night, I decided to take another look at the images and rework them a little.  This winter is really bringing out the black and white in me.  I promise, that will change once spring rolls around.
(Click on the images to enlarge them)

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