Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My morning with the new camera

Investing in your business can always be a tricky thing to do.  You have to measure the money going out of your pocket in hopes of putting that money back with a bit of return.  So when I decided it was time to invest in some new equipment, a lot of study went into it.  I finally decided to take a step up from my Canon T3i and purchase a Canon 70D.  Being that this is a new camera, I needed to get out and take some shots with it.  So that's exactly what I did today.  Taking some personal time from the day job, I ventured out to the Zoar Wetlands trails near the Tuscarawas River and explore the area around the old sawmill and dam.  The lighting was perfect.  Not very harsh and with some use of filters, I was able to generate some images of water in motion.  Getting use to the settings on the camera was pretty easy and in no time I was shooting away.  I hadn't been back to this area in a while, so in a lot of ways if was seeing it all new again.  I'm really happy with the outcome of the adventure.

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  1. I like the processor in the 70D better than my old T3i but I don't like that they moved the On/Off switch to the other side.