Sunday, June 22, 2014

40mm of Cedar Point

Yesterday was spent at Cedar Point enjoying the company picnic for "the day job".  I'm not much of a ride person, with the exception of the train, so there wasn't much else to do except wander about with my camera.  And bugging my son at his job as he is employed and living there for the summer.  
With the exception of the night shots, I stuck with my 40mm pancake.  Another 40mm challenge day! 
I wanted to use just that because I wanted some examples to share with my nephew as he just bought a new body and was looking for a good lens to go with it.  I've always loved using this lens for landscape mainly but haven't been using it much since when I'm out on an assignment I never know what environment I'm going to have to shoot in, so the 28m-135mm comes into play the most.
Was a gorgeous day at the park and we couldn't have asked for better.

After the sun went down, I switched out the 40mm for my 10mm-20mm and played with some time exposures just for fun

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