Saturday, April 13, 2013

A taste of the valley

I'm still full.  It's been a couple of hours now since we left the event at the Middle School...and I'm still full.

Tonight was the annual "Taste of Tuscarawas Valley" to benefit the Tusky Valley local schools band boosters.  And since Molly is in the band program and volunteered to work, we attended as well.  The night was filled with local food vendors, (restaurants,  caterers and local small businesses), providing samples of their dishes.  My personal favorite was the sausage sampler from Canal Tavern of Zoar.  Especially the "beer cheese" sauce to dip in.  While we were waiting for the doors to open for the event we were looking over the list of vendors and reading the rules that each vendor gives you a sample and they check off your list as you go.  We were wondering why a good number of the people going into the event had Tupperware containers with them.  We understand why now.  Even though they are just "samples", you still walk away with a fair amount of food and deserts.  And while you enjoy the tasty treats, the middle school band as well as the high school's jazz band play selections of music. 
A really good night with a lot of money raised for the music program.  Actually, it was a complete sell out for them this year!


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